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With A Unique Style And Wonderful Colors
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Metal key chain is a general term for neck jewelry. In fact, the neck part of the accessories metal keychain, collar, beads and other types of beads, and today we give you a few key points to introduce a few common metal keychain.

(A) metal key chain.

Metal keychain is divided into a key chain factory and two keyless factory. Keychain factory style a lot. Not inlaid gem lock, chicken heart, flower baskets, ingots and other traditional styles. This type of key chain factory, for our people more like the traditional style. Keychain factory often engraved with various patterns, Lunar New Year patterns, auspicious words. Due to the influence of foreign jewelry, key chain factory style is more and more rich, there are all kinds of animal plants graphics, portraits, abstract patterns.

Keychain factory in the photo still can store a small photo key chain buckle factory. This key chain factory is often exchanged between lovers token. The style of "open and close type" and "shift type" two kinds, the opening and closing type photo key chain buckle factory can be as freely as the door switch. Shift-type photo key ring key box factory is moving around to open the photo box.

Crucifixion, crucifixion, and other religious keyring factory, but also by many young people's favorite.

With the increasingly rich jewelry materials, metal keychain style, keychain factory styling is particularly colorful.

Inlaid jewelry key chain factory, mostly in the gold ring inlaid with diamonds, precious stones, agate and so on.

(B) jewelry metal key chain

Jewelry metal keychain mainly by pearl, agate, jade, jade, ivory and other honorable Bao series made. These metal keychain precious material, bright color, rich shape, with strong decorative.

(C) collar

Metal keychains made of different materials, such as gold, silver and copper, are called collars. The shape of the traditional cylindrical, twist-shaped, curved arc.

Foreign metal key chain style is wonderful soldiers points. Metal keychain not only rich in material, but also its color, luster, strong decorative. The middle part of the collar is often the focus of design modeling, but also the starting point of the center of the effect of embellishment. In modern metal keychain designs, metal keychain structures are also sometimes used in part. Metal keychain has been improved from the traditional structure of the past. Evolved metal keychains increase the practicality and decorative, in the metal keychain art

(D) Xiang Zhu

The earliest known metal keychain beads. Back complex people can only be more blessing. Materials are jade, ivory, crystal, animal stocks and so on. Love you a pig does not go into the material has a great breakthrough, but also from the original shape of the more monotonous ball-shaped development into the present various styles.

Metal keychain due to the diversity of materials, which formed the decorative effect also has its own style. Various types of metal keychains have a chic style and wonderful colors. It is quite modern and therefore loved by many young people.