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Thin Body, Exquisite Workmanship, Color Accurate
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Badges according to the material can be divided into metal chapter, porcelain chapter, lacquered wood chapter, plastic chapter, electric wood chapter; aluminum badge is the most common, it is lightweight, beautiful. Plastic badges do not wear, wear and collection have limitations. In recent years, the development of the metal material made of badges, thin body, exquisite workmanship, color accurate, surface bright, easy to corrosion, both for wearing, more conducive to the collection. Here to talk about metal badges custom should pay attention to the problem:

First, the color:

In many cases, some bright badge colors can not be achieved in the actual badge making, so try to use the standard colors, we use the Pantone color. If you design a gradient in the middle of the badge, and you insist on the need for gradual color effect , Then there will be only one badge making process that can be used: a lithographic badge, made of bronze or stainless steel.

Second, the line width:

Thin lines in the badge can only be expressed as metallic (such as gold, silver, etc.), too small because there is no way to color.

Third, pattern:

Badge pattern as simple as possible, because the size of the general badge is relatively small, so small size inside to accommodate a very complex badge design, badge will be difficult to perform well, and the complexity of the pattern will greatly increase the cost of badge.