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Lightweight And Very Wear-resistant
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Fashion keychain soft PVC material with environmental protection, odor and pollution-free features can be many fashion people like everyone deserves to have; PVC soft key ring material is not only very lightweight and also very wear-resistant, with the stylish appearance After the perfect match will be able to reflect the different styles of taste and personality, but also to bring a pleasant mood to the wearer; then the market now the latest models of fashion keychain style what? The following industry experts to come to introduce you.

Industry experts, the market is now the most popular fashion key ring soft PVC material products are:

1, French fries PVC plastic key chain.

This key ring product, then, to everyone's most common McDonald's french wrap transformed, it becomes a french fringe style key ring, this style is not only the design of the product so that the wearer looked very envious, and the words This simple French fringe key ring will be good for fashion plus points.

2, cute cattle PVC key chain material.

This keychain product modeling is a cute calf, if you look carefully over the past will find that the product is not a simple calf keychain, the calf's body is also accompanied by a related logo, this product not only Only with good performance characteristics can be liked by many fashion people, and if it is the perfect handicrafts for some enterprises to advertise, the company's logo on the calf can also play a good publicity, very different.

3, logo promotional card PVC key chain material.

This key chain products broke through the limitations of traditional products, not only in the modeling can be made of coasters, luggage tag and sunflower flowers and other logo modeling, and if fully customized according to different customer needs, so that would be good The performance of the wearer's fashion and personality.

4, various color fish-shaped PVC key ring material.

The key chain of the entire design uses a variety of colors of the fish shape, not only the shape is very delicate micro-Alice and very lifelike, can give a simulation of the beauty; there is a key ring in addition to this product can carry , But also can be used as a pendant in the decoration of the house, but also represents good luck every year, so many consumers like it, hang it on the various ornaments in order to add more good results.

For these industry experts also introduced, PVC key chain in addition to the above advantages, but also has the characteristics of insulation, moisture and flame retardant, coupled with the design can be a variety of colors and high decorative effect, you can make these Keychain used in a variety of environments and occasions, really can be described as a stylish keychain soft PVC material is really worth having Oh!