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High-quality Environmental Non-toxic
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Everyone loves to decorate their favorite items, such as long-standing "cell phones," and everyone loves to buy a cell phone cover for themselves and put it on a cell phone. For example, a key that is essential for almost every household, Because you always need the key to open the door? Therefore, the keychain has also become a favorite key decoration items.

It is because of such a huge market demand, the "generic guests" must have to find their common ground, the common needs of the gifts or items to promote, key ring is a good choice.

First, the stereotypes Keychain, some small workshop manufacturers due to the defects of machinery and equipment products in the production process which can not three-dimensional product heating molding. Only the production of flat and simple keychain, and the guests prefer realistic, more stereoscopic products.

Second, the plane bump key buckle, bump key buckle with artificial dispenser in the details of parts easily misplaced, no machine dispenser set by the machine after dispensing so precise, resulting in a lot of waste generation, quality and customs clearance . Wen Bo in this program can solve your concerns.

Third, the plane silk screen key ring, silk screen although not very complicated, there are many silk screen manufacturers outside, but others are not always good, can effectively control the quality of good quality for your business to inject new impetus to promote.

Fourth, the personalized key ring, some guests due to the different needs of guests for promotions, which also need to know the type of key ring,

Five, high-quality environmentally friendly non-toxic key ring, the company's products are imported materials from Germany, 70% of products are exported abroad, of which the Japanese orders accounted for the majority.