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Abrasion Resistance, Elasticity, Tear Strength
- Jan 10, 2018 -

One. Wear resistance

Wear resistance is produced by the silicone products, silicone products can suffer the appearance of the ability to wear, good silicone products are generally less external appearance because of the appearance of friction products, does not affect the performance of the appearance, text, color. The quality of the second appearance of silicone products simply out.

Second, flexibility

Silicone products with outstanding flexibility, because the high elasticity is mainly from the movement of the molecular chain of silica gel, so in the purchase of silicone products first look at the flexibility of silicone products and then judge the quality

Third, tear strength and tensile strength

Silicone products with high tearing strength are outstanding in resistance to damage and have a long lasting life and are not easily disturbed by the external environment. Silicone products with poor tear strength are generally characterized by simple ripping in the pulling process and aggravation of cracking caused by force Damaged phenomenon.

Four tired

Silicone products are subjected to alternating stress (or strain) effect, the structure and function of the material changes in the phenomenon called tired. With the progress of fatigue, resulting in damage to the phenomenon of silicone products called fatigue damage.

V. Hardness and elongation stress

Rubber material to demonstrate the rigidity (stiffness) of an important goal, both of silicone products are the necessary deformation of the force

Therefore, the purchase of silicone products, the most important thing is to look at the wear resistance, elasticity, tear strength. If it is consistent with the instructions that the outstanding quality of silicone products, if not satisfied to abandon, to avoid the formation of the loss of financial resources.