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With nice, durable
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Metal keychain - metal keychain Metallic keychain is the most common keychain, with beautiful, durable, strong three-dimensional, bright color, compact features. Can be used as luggage accessories, personal accessories, styles and diverse, according to the requirements of the production of different specifications, colors, thickness, grade, packaging products.

According to the material can be divided into: iron keychain, copper keychain, stainless steel keychain.

In accordance with the shape of the key ring can be divided into: heart-shaped key ring, five-pointed star key ring, aperture, flat circle, angle ring, embossed ring, shaped key ring and so on.According to size specifications can also be divided into: 12MM diameter key ring, 13MM diameter key ring, 15MM diameter key ring, 18MM OD key ring, 20MM OD key ring, 25MM OD key ring, 28MM OD key ring, 30MM diameter key ring, 32MM diameter key ring, 33MM diameter key ring, 35MM diameter key ring, 38MM OD key ring, 43MM OD key ring, 48MM OD key ring and so on.