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Show the image of people wearing ceremonies
- Jan 10, 2018 -

In life, when attending an event, you often see badges worn by participants, badges worn during meetings, badges worn at schools, and different badges representing different meanings. Embodies the identity of the wearer, showing the etiquette of wearing the image, wearing a badge of common sense, people must understand.

Hardware badges are generally worn in the left chest position, such as some conference badge to wear on the collar in the suit, and the armbands, collar has a corresponding fixed position.

Literally, the badge is a kind of honor, commemorative medal worn by people. In fact, the real use of the badge is very wide, and there are many kinds of badges, such as some promotional activities and tourist medals of key scenic spots. The badge is a Small jewelry, promotional and promotional activities are used, as a badge to commemorate, with a collection of value.

If the size of the badge is bigger or the size of the badge is bigger, you can ask to increase the size of the button to prevent the badge from falling down. The expensive clothes can be used with the magnet to avoid the needling holes in the clothes. At the same time, pregnant women and children can use the magnet accessories , Can prevent stab wounds; develop a good badge to wear habits, make life full of wonderful.