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Show noble, power, warmth
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Golden badge as the base color, meaning five thousand years of Chinese culture, 尽显 noble, power, warmth and all the world's beautiful longing and the pursuit.

The logo is based on a flat earth, which symbolizes the broad prospects of the cause and the future global business landscape and vision. In the territory of China a flagship and the flagship as the core intersection of the two golden arcs, blending with each other, portrayed the flagship of the wind and waves, sailing voyage mood; more meaning to the flagship as a starting point, with network invisible wings based China, covering the whole world, letting the world know China and let the world know Kang Ting.

Two golden arcs intersect at the top of the flagship, but also implies that the flagship team for a common goal, solidarity, help each other and make concerted efforts. Ship's golden plane, for the next step inlaid gemstones at all levels, leaving enough space. The following spelling: flagship and English: system, showing a strong collective spirit. Let everyone proud to wear a team badge, because the future of the country and around the world, all have this badge is a family, have a common value orientation and pursuit of life.

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