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A special material
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Acrylic products can be said to be a special kind of material, which is made of handicrafts are ever-changing, refined not to mention. If you say that many people may not know acrylic, but we usually see the life will be used to produce the finished product. Acrylic in our words is plexiglass. Plexiglass products are very extensive, therefore, the understanding of the nature and characteristics of the glass surface has made important progress. Acrylic surface interaction with environmental factors as a science is worth our study.

Display counter is our most common acrylic products, the surface is composed of a variety of complex composition of the composition, the composition of the matrix, the process of melting, furnace and annealing furnace atmosphere and other process variables, as well as environmental experience, etc., There is a relationship between the physical composition and the chemical properties of a given acrylic product composition. Strictly speaking, it is easy to clarify the characteristics of acrylic products, but it is difficult to put them into perfection; this is because kinetic characteristics and their experiences are related to the structure of the glass.

The characteristics of the display surface are difficult to interpret with both the experience of the substrate and the second experience of the surface. For example, a floating display counter currently in use whose surface properties are in contact with which side , The atmosphere with the annealing furnace, the storage conditions before installation and use, the exposure to the weathering side of the display counter, and the controlled internal environment of the atmosphere, as well as the climate and the cleaning process.

In order to deepen the understanding of physicochemistry on the surface of acrylic products, in the systematic experimental research, it is necessary to reduce the amount of acrylic glass as much as possible, and to analyze the surface structure and the composition thereof, and many people have so far conducted research using this method experiment.