About Us

• Dong Guan Pursche Industrial Co.,Ltd has been established since 2008 in DongGuan as a Trading with production Company. Main business in button badges, rubber, plastic and acrylic, metal and fabric accessories, and other ornaments including those for celebration, decoration and typical theme souvenir etc.
• You can find our products worldwide in these stores:
BANDAI, TOMY, Walgreen, Asda, Disney, Claire’s, WM, Target…Our major market place in the Japan and USA at the moment.
• We have more than 80+ workers and we also have advanced facilities, professional technologies and professional management systems, as well as a good reputation in this industry.
• At present we can achieve manufacturing output of more than 2 million pcs a month and make our goods to meet customers’ requirements, and we will try our best to give the fastest speed, best quality and most reasonable price for our valuable customers.
• As a vertically integrated company, Pursche is able to efficiently fulfill and complete our client’s global supply chain needs as well as PRC domestic business demands.
Looking forward to cooperate with you.



  • With Novelty, Uniqueness, Craftsmanship With Novelty, Uniqueness, Craftsmanship

    Diverse effects, the surface can be flat, 2D stereo, 3D stereo, etc .; can also be added to the transparent oil, made of transparent, translucent; adding phosphor, made of luminous; Compass, thermometer and other trinkets.

  • Has A Certain Tension And Softness Has A Certain Tension And Softness

    Silicone bracelet with one hundred percent pure natural solid silicone rubber pressed by the hydraulic machine wrist band itself has a certain tension and softness, which easily deformed and immediately restored;

  • High-quality Environmental Non-toxic High-quality Environmental Non-toxic

    Everyone loves to decorate their favorite items, such as long-standing "cell phones," and everyone loves to buy a cell phone cover for themselves and put it on a cell phone. For example, a key that is essential for almost every household, Because you always need the key to open the door? Therefore, the keychain has also become a favorite key decoration items

  • An Important Part Of History Witness An Important Part Of History Witness

    China has more than 5,000 years of civilized history. In this long history of history, the predecessors left countless art treasures for us to record the next period of historical events. These events are either heart-warming or exciting.